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pdf2017 - 2018 Yearly Calendar

If you are ordering a school shirt, we would like your order and payment turned in by Wednesday, March 28.
Tuesday, April 3 will by our "Snow Make Up" for the 3 & 4 Day Programs for the one missed last wednesday.  There will be NO 2 DAY TODDLER PROGRAM or PLAYMATES on that day.

We are down to our last 8 boxes of $2.00 candy bars, just in case you are interested in reaching a goal, or earning 2 free tickets to our carnival/picnic event at the end of the year.

S.T.A.R.S. classes ONLY:
The trip to the Senior High Rise has been moved to April 11. The facility contacted us and can not accomodate our visit on the day we chose. Please make sure you confirm with Mrs. Slovik & Mrs. English that your child is still able to participate in the activity. Children will arrive at school at regular time, and we will visit during the school hours.

1st & 3rd Thursday of the month 11:00-11:40.
FREE music program is sponsored by the Rainbowland Preschool program.  It's taught by our own Dara Kahkonen who has a degree in music and loves to share with the children wonderful music ideas. This program is open to the community, so invite your friends along. This is a parent/child interactive program, so plan to sit with your children and have some fun.
mcmurray preschool program- honeybees

Honeybees Preschool Class

Age: 2-3 years
Skills and activities
mcmurray preschool program- sunbeams

Sunbeams Preschool Class

Age: 3-4 years
Skills and activities

S.T.A.R.S. Preschool Class

Age: 4 years and older
Skills and activities

Rainbowland Preschool is a non-profit program sponsored by South Canonsburg church. It was established in September 1988 as an outreach to the community and to be a completely supervised program in an atmosphere of LOVE! It is to a large extent through play that young children develop. It gives them a chance to spend time in a physical environment which is scaled and planned for them. Our goal is to focus on creating a safe, nurturing environment that will stimulate cognitive learning and language development, increase social and problem solving skills, strengthen hand eye coordination and the development of small/large motor skills. Encouragement will be given to help achieve learning goals by building self-esteem and creating awareness of the environment around them. Through play activities, and the use of music, books and art, we will strive to form friendships, encourage respect among peers, while sharing and modeling Godly principles.